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Kinesiology  refers to muscle movement.

 It’s a unique system based on a correlation found between meridians, muscles, corresponding organs, and emotions.

 Health Kinesiology is based on muscle testing; a gentle, yet effective way of connecting with the Inner Wisdom of Knowing. 

The energy readings  are perfectly tuned to your body energy system, which means we always  follow your body energetic requirements in energy priority to insure the best results.

The success stories relate to your ability to gain control over those previously unresolved issues.  This means taking a leap into what is positive, desirable and abundant.

The healing starts with us. This is an invitation to embark on this journey with energy partnership of Innate Knowing.





Retuning your energy system means:


- Strengthening the Energy Pathways

 - Resolving the root causes

 - Rebalancing the glands and organs

 - Detoxifying

 - Weight Solutions

 - Conflict Resolution

 - Pain Release and management

 - Nutrition Testing

 - Allegies & Substance Intolerance


also I will be able to support you with 

 - Care plan for hair loss and alopecia


* I do not diagnose or treat specific condition. Always consult with your GP in the first instance if you suspect you are unwell

* you are welcome to get in touch for an informal chat if there is anything you would like to discuss



Welcome to my website,

My name is Vicky Micklem and I am professionally qualified Health Kinesiology Practitioner and a certified Energy Healer. I am a member of Kinesiology Federation, UK. 

I work with people of all age groups and genders, in a way that best serves your individual needs. I also suppot those affected by special needs and autistic spectrum.


As a holistic practitioner I offer my whole hearted support round your most burning issues that are preventing you from becoming the happy, joyful, most authentic Self. 

I see a conflict we experience in form of pain, depleted energy or increased anxiety level as a gateway & an opportunity for change, expansion, growth and reintegration on Mind-Body-Spirit level. 


I work as a Health Kinesiologist dealing with psychological issues and their underlying factors such as key-fears  stored in our subconscious along other possible physiological  as well as sensory issues.

I draw on different type of kinesiology modules and healing arts such as:


Health Kinesiology

Quantum Kinesiology

Spectrum Healing

Colourpuncture Light Therapy

Quantum Touch

Muscle Activtion

Home Healing - (geopathic stress)


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