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Words, Cellular Memory & Self-Sabotage

” ...The Word was Light – that Light, that Word is the source of all of creation…” (J.Satori)

As we think, so we become. Thoughts attract reality.  Words represent energy charges. They can be registered as palpable body sensations or detected as graphs of wave frequencies. What is the media that holds the electro-magnetic frequencies of a word?


In regards to this question the Japanese scientist Dr M.Emoto conducted fascinating experiments by charging the water molecules with energetic vibrations of height and low frequency words, while registering the findings with the aid of a microscope. The effect was a coherent pattern of water molecules in a jar labelled Love; the beauty found in the harmony and purity. If we think of our body's main constituent being water, the source of life, we should not be surprised that our bodies store memories, that is the pure frequencies with possibly uplifting or devastating effects on our physical being. Dr.Emoto findings have been consciousness changing. The importance of his message lies in its simplicity & elegance. Water + Love + Human Being = Snow Flake. The exquisite, coherent creation... 


The positive words, the positive affirmations can help us focus on the reality we wish to create. Seemingly every second we are bombarded with hundreds of little impressions which we choose or not to assimilate or to make a conscious note of. There is a big wealth of data stored in our personal energy banks. Health Kinesiology is a system that allows us to draw on this information.

To demonstrate the mechanism of conscious and subconscious conflict created by the way how we interpret what we think and believe  in, we can use the following example. From a random list of Personal Values let's select the ones you think are very important to you. Then ask a friend to muscle test you and compare the findings.

If there are any discrepancies between what we think is important and what our energy system identifies, these items will generate a particular stress to our body, as we are sending the contra signals via our subconscious programming.

By identifying the stressful thought we detect the incongruence between what we think on different levels of our being.
So the question to ask ourselves is: am I emotionally congruent? Is there a resonance between my true beliefs, convictions and my goals and wishes? If despite all the attention we give to our thoughts and dreams, we can still detect a sense of personal conflict, then the possible programme worth checking is the self-sabotage mechanism set in motion by some deep, subconsciously held thoughts…stored in the media of inter-cellular memory bank.

Bio-Energetic System: Arts vs Science

Are the Energy therapies scientific? Science is presently proposing a scientific model inclusive of an energy field. The science of human body relates to the question of Life itself in the context of contemporary physics. Bio-energetics defines Life as ‘a process of being an organizing whole’ and Life as being ‘a little electric current’.


The energy therapies can be best understood in the context "the water plays in organizing living process", (liquid crystals and memory retainers/ M.Emoto). Also the stem cells used for organ transplants reveal the memory frequency of the particular system they seek to replicate. Phantom sensation is another example of the memory of pain after the offending part has been removed surgically. Our cells, our minds and bodies store memories. Also we are a part of the larger memory network inherent in the morphogenic field. 

Morphogenesis  (gr. beginning of a form) describes development of an organism and is based on a holistic understanding of living organization capable of evolving and communicating via morphic resonance. In this context we talk about the collective and instinctive memory in relationship to animals, humans. groups and social cultures.


“Morphic fields underlie our mental activity and our perceptions, and lead to a new theory of vision” Rupert Sheldrake; biologist and author explores the assumptions of science and turns them into questions. Does the nature have its own mind, purpose and design or is it machine like? Is the matter unconscious? Are the laws of nature fixed and constants immutable? Is biological inheritance material? Is memory stored as material traces? Where is the seat of Consciousness of Vision? Is a sense of Being Stared at, real? Is telepathy normal? Do the people who consume fewer calories live longer or shorter? Do living organisms follow the principle of conservation of energy? Is the creativity predictable? What is the creative freedom? Finally – what is a proper human goal? (Isis Murdoch) “The freedom which is a proper human goal is the freedom from fantasy, which is the realism of compassion…the experience of accurate vision”.


By being true to our accurate vision we are all accepting; not choosing or judging, “ then the seen is far more generous and mysterious that you ever dreamed.” (Heather Spears).


Where the East Meets the West

The common ground between the Western approach (the study of parts) and the Eastern Acupuncture theory, which deals with the energetic function within a human body, has been found in the concept of the living matrix. This has been recognized by the scientists exploring the 'physiological integration', 'whole-system principles.


"The living matrix is a continuous molecular system that simultaneously conducts energy and information throughout the body, and that regulates growth, form, and wound healing. Every part of the body is a part of this continuous living matrix. Memories are stored within this system, and the totality of its operations gives rise to what we refer to as consciousness".


(J.Oschman, Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Perfomance)

Allergy and Health Kinesiology

The father of Health Kinesiology, Jimmy Scott believes that allergies are involved in most so-called diseases. In some cases panic attacks can be triggered by 'allergic response'. According to Dr.J.Scott some common problems may often be allergy related. All types of addictions, and strong cravings, hangovers, weight problems, eating disorders, psychological behavioral problems and auto-immune diseases.

HK is most popular, perhaps for Synergy Balancing Procedures, where the offending substance is viewed as an 'allergen', be it a bee sting or one's favourite perfume. In HK we believe that some psychological processes may improve when those sensitivities are corrected. Likewise perfume sensitivity can be solved by attending to its main trigger. It's possible to accurately identify the type of substance energetically incompatible.
How soon do we notice improvements after Allergy Energy Correction Procedure? They can be either immediate or take longer, particularly in case of inflammation of tissue. Allergy corrections call for substances to be avoided for some period of time. Also they may require some additional energy procedure and possible dietary changes. Every case will be different.
According to J.Scott research, some conditions are reported to respond well to this energy correction in relation to food, mold dust, fumes, nutrient, reaction to chemicals, pet's hair, pollens, dental substances, inhalants, body chemicals, elements, hormones, body substances and others.
People with cancer, who receive nutritional support and 'allergy' correction procedures often report that they are better able to tolerate any radiation or chemotherapy and those who receive it may not lose their hair' *(p.60 Cure Your Own Allergies in Minutes by Dr.J. Scott
In the light of Health Kinesiology the growth of Candida is seen as an allergic response to the fungus and as the result of the weakening immune system due to nutritional deficiencies. Blood tests can evade the presence of candida, a state recognized as sub-clinical. There are many different types of this fungi, so when the correction procedure is done, it sometimes may call for as many as two or three different types. The presence of an allergic response to candida does not indicate an infection, according to Jimmy Scott. The energy correction is performed in HK on the vibrational level to encourage the recognition of the offending substance and promote the detoxification.
When candida compromises our system what is needed by general agreement is nutritional support and release of toxic substances. Strengthening the immune system is paramount. Also what is needed is the support with the release of any accumulated stress factors...To guide you through your daily menu requirements, please refer to the book by Rebecca Richardson 'Candida Can Be Fun!'.
Possible symptoms related to Candida Problems are:
Infant colic
Long standing acne
Gastrointestinal distress
Mood swings
Chronic headaches
Arthritis-like pain


* Re the emergency in stopping a reaction dsturbance please refer to the diagrams under Self-Help Tools


Shadow and Health Kinesiology

Is it important to befriend our own Shadow?  Universally the Shadow has been understood to manifest a polarity struggle towards a higher unified consciousness. Does our happiness really depend on knowing anything about it? Well, to an extend it does. When we stop sleeping or our dreams start turning into nightmares, when the panic settles in every time we are about to go out, we may be baffled about the origin of all of this. Then, instead of asking the body directly we get uneasy, angry or petrified and in some chronic situations we opt for a pill – solving it all solution. So, how can we define the Shadow?


Roughly speaking the Shadow is created as a result of division between ego and soul, where soul is not so much supported by the ego as controlled by it. This controlling and supressing function is what creates all the uncomfortable emotional charges like fear, anxiety, aggression, a sense of victimisation, the need to please, fit in, be acceptable, lovable etc. If they are incorporated into the shadow self (the unconscious content of the psyche) they’d manifest in outbursts or through dreams where the ego temporarily releases its control.


Our aim is not to fully let go of one's ego or to become a part of one's unified, all knowing, universal consciousness, but to attempt to move from ego based to heart based consciousness, where the ego stops being the master controller. It's the heart centre, not the logical ego which is capable of embracing polarities. By bringing the polarities together we create a sense of harmony, a state of saturation, satisfaction and so called abundance in which we do not see ourselves as needy, empty or separated. This harmonious state would ideally create the perfect condition for our happiness and wellbeing. 


To uncover the shadow requires personal commitment and courage. In dream work the shadow part often plays on our anxieties. These images are closer to those painted by our soul than the controlling ego we identify with. For the sake of an experiment we can have a look at the things we most desire in our life and spend a few days thinking about them. The things which are not on your list would be the closest to our shadow part. Relieving stressful situations backwards may also shed some light on how differently we may feel about the same situation. This will help us release the blockages, and free us from somehow narrow constraints of our own egos. Finally we can turn to our own inner child. The message offered by the inner child will be heart-cantered. It will provide solutions, and nourish you.


In Health Kinesiology we find a way to our inner child through a balancing correction called Imperatives. The voice of your inner child will cause the most powerful change in your bio-energy system, causing the ego to realign itself to become more our true friend than a personal judge. Through the bio-feedback of muscle testing, we are able to find verbally the underlying message and determine the energy pattern necessary to recreate and release the stressor. Our shadow selves reside in fears on cellular level. Fear traces are images locked into our bio-energy system.


In HK we have a balancing correction called Body Brain Energy Integration. This is a very interesting concept researched by Dr. J.Scott, the father of HK. What he found out is that our bodies at infant and embryonic stage are able to store non-verbal fears. If this is true, those fears would remain for the most part of our lives trapped  in the shadow while creating building blocks for psychological fears to manifest later in life. By removing the non-verbal fears locked into our bio-energy system we create the right conditions for psychological fears not to cling to us. Fear ideally should come and go rather than be stored and magnified, by the self-perpetuating mechanism of fear chase. In a similar way we deal with emotions, by letting them surface, acknowledging their presence and letting them go as a signature of the moment. There are many different emotions which we as humans are lucky to explore. They help us live our lives fully but do not need to restrict the image of who we are. In HK we help those emotions find their voice. The body energy however stores and releases the information in the right time and order for the energy to shift and healing to take place. 



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