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My interest in Mind-Body-Spirit connection has started over 30 years ago, as a journey of Self-exploration into the visual and the poetic language of the soul (MFA). I discovered for myself the language of symbols, linking the Self with the archetypal collective wisdom, the primordial ocean of the subconscious.


My life experience of living in three different countries assisted me in questioning the Ego constructs, formed by the language and culture. This has led me to re-examine the value of Self Identity, its origin and a role the language takes in shaping our body consciousness. Inspired by the workings of mind I investigated the dualistic relationship between our thoughts and emotions and how they influence our perception and patterns of behaviour , and ultimately how we make choices and what prevents us from making the best choices leading to the perfectly fulfilled life. Finally my path of a holistic practitioner was paved by the suffering of those most close to me, who I longed to assist.


Desire to change is a good way to start, as it was for me while I embarked on my 2.5 years training as a Health Kinesiology Practitioner in 2011. The practice of dialoguing with my energy system has helped me to find the Inner Peace and Self-Integrity in times of personal fundamental transition, and has been supporting me to maintain the balance, optimising my positive outlook at times of global collective turmoil. We are very much a product of our environment, shaped by thoughts, feelings, belief system, genetic and karmic energy signature effecting our energy level and hormonal homeostasis. I enjoy working as a Health Kinesiology Practitioner as this involves delving into the energetic libraries represented by words, linguistic structures, images, symbols, energetic patterns created by the subconscious mind.


In my work I draw on different types of healing arts such as:


Health Kinesiology

Energy Balancing by Numbers

Quantum Kinesiology

Spectrum Healing

Healing Harmonics

Quantum Touch

Home Healing - (geopathic stress)







"Healing constitutes reaching the life currents within and re-establishing the free flow of its energy" R.Stone



I support my clients holistically which includes making referrals to other therapies and practitioners, and suggesting other energy tools which would complement my way of working.

In Helath Kinesiology we also test for supplements re the amount, the brand, frequency and duration the best suited for you, which can be very usuful if you take them long term. 


Recently I have been working with cases involving:

  • Covid related issues
  • Side effects of Limes disease 
  • Recovery from cancer
  • Personal Spiritual Gifts
  • Life Challenges and addressing Life Goals
  • Marriage Issues and Relationships Issues
  • Low Energy Levels and chronic muscular pain issues
  • Autism


In Health Kinesiology we can also work with Surrogates, that is clients who are not present, if we are energetically connected with them.


Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your situation and find out some more details how the energy approach could help you.


Below are the general areas in which my clients experienced progress re:

  • Increasing Vitality and Immunity
  • Releasing Fears, anxieties: addressing chronic depression

  • Improving Relationships (sessions offered for Couples, both present at a session)

  • addressing Migranes and neurological issues

  • working with addictive syndroms (smoking, cravings)
  • supporting weight loss
  • Dealing with substance intolerance
  • Detoxyfying
  • Personal  Development and Spiritual Transformation 
  • Geo-harmonization (home healing)



Health Kinesiology for Children


  • Children are very susceptible to energetic changes and can be worked on directly or via proxy
  • Energetic rebalancing can also be carried out while a child is playing.
  • Health Kinesiology will work on releasing fears from a child pre-verbal stage of development and will rebalance the energetics of the brain.
  • HK has also been developed to release sensory stresses re vison, hearing, touching etc.
  • It is a very gentle way to release some possible anxieties a child may be not aware of.
  • It can help to detoxify after a dose of vaccines or other tested energy patterns that have weakened your child’s  immunity.



*With the Energy Healing approach you do not have to know the 'whys'  to experience the benefits. Also the energetic aproach will not replace the medical diagnoses or cannot be seen as a substitude for the medical advice or care you receive from your doctor. The energy session can work in support and partnership with the help you may be already receiving as it may aid a speedier recovery from injuries, shock or long standing conditions.



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