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'Wonderful ! . . .  I have had several HK sessions with Vicky and I have to say the transformational effect on every level (physical, mental and spiritual) has been really noticeable , like a journey . I highly recommend Her if you have a need for change , She has great clarity and strong healing abilities '




'Vicky’s practitioner skills extend far beyond health kinesiology, she has amazing abilities in uncovering issues, healing and making recommendations.  Ideally located in quiet and relaxing premises near Oxford, session time with Vicky is much valued. I have only good things to say about Vicky’s remarkable breadth of knowledge and would have no hesitation in recommending her.' Don



'Just a very quick  thank you for today's and all the other sessions. I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel at the end of the treatment than I did going into it. The combination of geo-clearing and HK proved very effective. I had been suffering from anxiety and depression at various levels for many months. The depression vanished pretty much overnight and my anxiety seems much better controlled. Quite how you did what you did, I am not entirely sure, but did it, you did - thank you :-) 'Tim.



'Treatments with you have helped me feel great, refreshed and revitalised. After every visit I have come away with a more positive outlook, feeling motivated and much more physically energetic.  Thanks for fixing me up on many occasions.'




'I had suffered from insomnia for 4 years, due to continual pain. Following one session in person and one remote treatment, I am sleeping normally and it is such a relief. Thank you so much!'




'I had thought that I would have to just work around my allergy to mushroom but since my last HK session I have been able to eat freely with no adverse effects whatsoever. I was really impressed by your insight and accuracy in identifying the source of other health and happiness issues too.  I am very grateful for improving the quality of my life.'




'I found the treatment I received with you to be very beneficial. I felt it helped to balance my whole system & improve my circulation - which has always been a problem. I had been suffering from stress & felt much calmer & more relaxed, as well as finding that the aching in my legs and ankles improved. Many thanks.'




'I have always been interested in Geo-Clearing and as we had just moved premises we asked Vicky to carry our Geo-Clearing on the centre.Straight away I noticed a difference in the atmosphere of the centre which felt much lighter and brighter.  We work within a large building which has many other occupants and our centre had been previously occupied by quite a few different companies over the last few years.  Before the clearing it felt very heavy and closed.  I would definitely say that I and others within the centre have felt a shift and it feels so much more like home.'




'I definitely felt the benefit from your Health Kinesiology sessions. I find it difficult to assess exactly but I am certainly tackling more projects , still getting exhausted but that is me !

We have definitely felt improvements in the energy levels in the house as a result of the geo-clearing. We both feel we have benefited from it but find it difficult to quantify.'










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