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Kinesiology is an umbrella name for therapeutic systems that use a muscle movement as a form of bio-feedback to determine the physiological response of a Weak and Strong muscle. This is known as Muscle Testing. We understand that by MT we have an access to the Body Innate Knowing and all the processes which happen on a subconscious level.


Kinesiology approach is to combine the energy principles of Chinese Medicine with the Western research into the understanding of human mind, and the relationship between our thoughts and emotions.


Health Kinesiology follows a well-established programme of unique energy procedures designed to harmonize our bio-energy system (known as Life Force or Chi). It was established by Jimmy Scott in the late 70s, specializing in physio-psychology, researching the Mind affecting the Bio-Energetics.


Health Kinesiology uses the all-embracing approach while dealing with the underlying causes known as Causitive Issue Analysis. It addresses energy patterns locked in the body which could manifest as stress, trauma, pain etc.


The balancing protocols are designed to trigger detoxification and harmonization on physical, emotional and spiritual level.

The role of Health Kinesiology is not to replace the conventional medical treatment you may receive, but to support you along the journey to recovery.

What to expect in a session?


During the session you will be resting in a reclined position, covered with a blanket.

I will be applying a gentle pressure on the forearm (above the wrist) to gather all the information needed. We will highlight all the ‘trigger points’ and proceed with rebalancing.

Your body energy will dictate how to proceed during the session.



In order to make a balancing correction we use the bio-feedback to create an energetic pattern stressful to one's energy system. The stimuli can be a combination of variants such as self-touch, a thought, a word, a feeling, sound frequency, smell,  colour, an image or other.


Once the pattern has been established we rebalance the energy system. Following the Causitive Issue Analysis, within a single session we can release the psychological overload of many years in a way that does not require 'talking through it'. The Body Energy system and the Body Wisdom does all the work.


There are numerous combinations for possible balancing protocols and no session will ever be repeated as it responds seamlessly to your most immediate needs in energy priority.

ENERGY BALANCING BY NUMBERS  -   support for Covid-19  * (article in porcess)


Lloyd Mear was a doser, a retired engineer, when the opportunity came up for him to help himself in the emergency. At that time he found himself in a remote corner of British Columbia when he expereinced a sudden seizure in the chest (later diagnosed as a heart attack). Thanks to the frequency he dosed for he was able to drive himself to the nearest hospital. Since that time convinced of the power the frequency holds (as a mere set of instuctions) he embarked on a long journey helping thousands of people to overcome their issues. 

We know  about the power of mind, and the curious interconnection between Mind - Energetics  - Genetics - Environmental Factors and our Physiology. However all this can be overidden by a set of Instructions.
These instructions are being picked up on a Cellular level which means that our physiology is directly affected by them. This means that we are designed to stay in Command.
These instructions can take different forms on s sensory or bio-chemical level; from  the food we take, thoughts we think, EMF exposure  or the effect of the light photons to mention a few. Now we can test for the frequencies that are weak or missing which stand for the Information needed or being asked for. L.Mear has done a wonderful work by researching the so-called Master Numbers -  that is a set of Protection Numbers that stand for the strong and  present frequencies in the genetic make up of those individuals not being affected by a particular problem for many generations.
The thing to highlight is that our body works in quantum ways, so the downloads work as instantaneous triggers for resetting chemical, genetic responses on a subtle and cellular level.



  • Known also under the name of Geobiology or Environmental Therapy, it relates to Geopathic stress, the suffering of the earth. Clearing/ rebalancing the energies of living spaces results in the removal of detrimental energies which affect people, plants and animals.
  •  If you suffer from tiredness, headaches, irritability, or chronic ill health that doesn’t respond to treatment you may be suffering from geopathic stress or be affected by other conflicting environmental energies.
  •  While using various quantum tools it is possible to return your property to a place of harmony and balance and with this positively affecting your health and those round you, including your pets and children.
  •  Geo-clearing will attract positive flow of energies and this may prove very useful to, for example to a new house owner or an owner who does not succeed at selling a house for a long time and for no obvious reasons. Also those of you who are moving into a new house may like to energetically clear their place to ensure a happy start for all the family. We all have different energetic sensibility, and it seems that this service is usually requested by those who can tell the energies do have effect on them.


What is being cleared?


Geopathic Stress, Negative Hartman lines, underground water danger zones, Electrical and Electronic Energies, Negative Thought Forms, Negative Cellular Memory, Geo-Psychic Stress and more depending on each case. The clearing doubles energetic vitality of your house. The Geo-clearing can be done over a long distance.




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